Gnaeus Tullius Lentulus



Sex: Male
Age: 28
Birthplace: Rome
Religion: Roman Pantheon

Str 12 Con 12 Siz 10 Dex 12 App 12 San 70 Int 14 Pow 14 Edu 14
Idea 70 Luck 70 Know 70
Damage Bonus 0
Sanity Points 70
Magic Points 14
Hit Points 11

Languages: Speak Latin 70, Speak Greek 21, Write Latin 30

Skills: Accounting 30, Bargain 25, Civics 30, Climb 24, Dodge 24, Empire 45, Fast Talk 25, Insight 55, Library Use 30, Listen 45, Other Kingdom (Greece) 51, Persuade 65, Spot Hidden 45, Status 65, Short Sword 35

Equipment: Gladius (short sword), Pugio (dagger), Boiled Leather Corselet (AP 3), Equesterian Tunic, Black Gallium (overcloak), Red Togati (upper class boots), Purse, Golden Signet Ring, Scroll of Erotic Poetry


You enjoy the fruits of others’ labor. As a member of the elite, you have no real responsibilities other than spending your money. You’re free to travel the Empire, attend glorious parties at sumptuous villas, and spend your days reading. More than likely, you were born to this rank, but lately a few members of the lower class have amassed enough money to buy their way in.

Gens Tullia notable ancestors:

Servius Tullius, early king
Manius Tullius Longus, consul 500 BC
Marcus Tullius Decula, consul 81 BC
Marcus Tullius Cicero, consul, orator, and philosopher
Marcus Tullius Tiro, clerk and freedman of Cicero, author
Quintus Tullius Cicero, one of Caesar’s generals and younger brother of Marcus

Gnaeus Tullius Lentulus

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