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Welcome to “Horrors of the Empire”

Campaign is intended to be run as a “sandbox” of mixed scenarios, campaigns and encounters in flavor of realistic Roman society circa 80AD.

A backbone of investigators group will be pre-generated characters of different professions designed with emphasys on intense and serious roleplaying as well as a good mix of Roman historical drama with elements of Lovecraftian mystery.

In following texts you will be able to find various information to enhance your roleplaying expirience as well as to learn about all aspects of Roman era societies across the Europe and around the coasts of Mediteranean Sea.

Aegyptian Religion
Briton Religion
Gaulic Religion
Germanic Religion
Greek Religion
Phoenician Religion
Roman Religion

Roleplaying tools:
Lexicon of Roman military terms
Social classes in Roman society
Punishment for parricide

Gemonian Stairs
Tarpeian Rock

Main Page

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