Vibus Rufus



Sex: Male
Age: 32
Birthplace: Tarentium
Religion: Roman Pantheon

Str 14 Con 14 Siz 12 Dex 14 App 10 San 60 Int 12 Pow 12 Edu 12
Idea 60 Luck 60 Know 60
Damage Bonus 1d4
Sanity Points 60
Magic Points 12
Hit Points 13

Languages: Speak Latin 60

Skills: Climb 48, Dodge 48, Empire 45, First Aid 50, Hide 20, Jump 45, Listen 45, Ride Horse 25, Sneak 40, Spot Hidden 75, Tactics 45, Short Sword 65, Javelin 30, Large Shield 55

Equipment: Gladius (short sword), Scutum (large shield), Puggio (dagger), Pilum (javelin), Lorica Segmentata (segmented armour AP 7), Red Woolen Tunic, Paludamentum (red legionary overcloak), Caligae (legionary boots), Wetstone, Cooking pot, Bedroll, Woolen Blanket


You’re the backbone of the Legion. Without your strong sword arm and powerful shield wall, the Empire will fall. You’re better trained and more skilled than any enemy you’ll ever face, or at least that’s what your commander keeps telling you.

Vibus Rufus

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