Sex: Male
Age: 22
Birthplace: Unknown Village in Numidia
Religion: Ba’al Hammon

Str 16 Con 14 Siz 14 Dex 14 App 10 San 60 Int 10 Pow 12 Edu 10
Idea 50 Luck 60 Know 50
Damage Bonus 1d4
Sanity Points 60
Magic points 12
Hit points 14

Languages: Speak Numidian 50, Speak Latin 21

Skills: Climb 40, Dodge 28, Jump 40, Listen 45, Natural World 30, Navigate 40, Pilot Boat 41, Repair/Devise 40, Sneak 40, Spot Hidden 50, Track 30, Bow 50

Equipment: Arcus (bow), Leather Quiver (12 arrows), Small Knife, Tattered Tunic, Brown Cucullus (hooded cloak), Sandals, Golden Earring, Bag of Tools


You ply the seas delivering goods and people to their destinations. Sometimes you look the other way at the goods being transported, but the captain didn’t hire you for your morality. Typically, you hire on for a specific voyage. If the voyage runs long or gets sidetracked, you have no qualms about demanding more money.


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